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Acronyms Description (852)

AB1,2,3,4 Supercharger Bypass Valve

ABV           Supercharger Bypass Valve VSV ADJ2  Ground

A/C SW      A/C Switch Signal

A/C1          A/C Amplifier

ACIS          Acoustic Control Intake System

ACIS          ACIS VSV

ACMG         A/C Magnetic Clutch Relay

ACT            Air Conditioning

ACV           A/C Idle Up Valve AF+/-            Air/Fuel ratio Sensor AFL +/-   Air/Fuel ratio Sensor AFR +/-                Air/Fuel ratio Sensor AMC         A/C Amplifier

(+B)          Battery Power from EFI Relay

BATT          Battery Power

B/M            FR/HRT (Hi) Relay

CF              A/C Pressure Switch relay

CG             Chassis Ground

CL+/-         Magnetic Clutch

CODE         Transponder Key Amplifier

DI              Fuel Pump Control

E1...          Ground (Earth)

EFI+/-       Traction Control ECU EFI+/-      Throttle ECU


EGLS         EGR Valve Position

EGR           EGR VSV for control EGR Valve

(connect it to VCV or atmosphere). EO1          Ground (Earth)

EOM           Ground (Earth)

ELS            Electric Load Sensor Circuit

ELS2          Integration Relay

ETC            Throttle ECU EVAP         EVAP VSV

FC              Fuel Pump Relay

FPU            Fuel Pressure Up VSV G            Distributor

G+             Camshaft Position

G22+         Camshaft Position

HT1...        Oxygen Sensor Heater Control

HTAF1...     Air/Fuel Heater Control

IDL            Throttle position Switch

IGF            IGF Signal

IGSW         Ignition Switch

IGT            Igniter/Ignition Coil(s) IMLD     Theft Deterrent ECU

IMLD          To Security Indicator light

ISCC          IAC Stepper Motor

ISCO          IAC Stepper Motor

M+ M-       Throttle Control Motor

MREL         Main Relay

NCO +/-     O/D Direct Clutch Speed

NE+           Crankshaft Position

NE-            Camshaft/Crankshaft Position

NEO           ABS and Traction ECU NSW Starter Circuit

OD             Overdrive Switch

OIL            A/T Fluid Temp. Sensor

OMR           Engine Oil Feeder Control Motor

OMT           Engine Oil Feeder Control Mtr Relay

OX1,2,       Oxygen Sensor

PIM            Manifold Absolute Pressure

PM1           Turbo Pressure

PMC           Waste Gate Valve VSV PRG EVAP VSV

PS SW       Power Steering Switch

PTNK          Vapor Pressure Sensor Signal

R               Back Up Light Switch RSC   IAC (Rotary Solenoid) RSO       IAC (Rotary Solenoid)

RXCK         Transponder Key Amplifier

SDL           Signal Data Line

SG             Signal Ground

SDG           Signal Data Ground

SMC           Supercharger Magnetic Clutch

SPD           Vehicle Speed

STA            Park/Neutral Switch

STP            Stop Light Switch

TC              Data Link Connector 1

THA           Intake Air Temp. Sensor

TE1...         Data Link Connector 1

THG           EGR Temperature THW       Engine Coolant Temp. THWO  A/C Amplifier

TPC            Vapor Pressure Sensor VSV TRC+/-            Traction Control ECU

TXCT          Transponder Key Amplifier

VC             Voltage Control

VCV           Vacuum  Control  Valve  (on   Vacuum

Modulator Type EGR System) VG   MAF Hot Wire Type

VPA1,2       Accelerator Pedal Position

VS             MAF Vane Type

VSV1         Intake Air Control VSV VSV2           Exhaust Gas Control Valve VSV3         Exhaust Bypass VSV

VTO1         Throttle ECU

VTO2         Throttle ECU VTA1,2,          Throttle Position

W              Malfunction Indicator


KNK(L/R)  Knock Sensor

KS             MAF Meter Karmen Vortex Type

LOCK IN     A/C Magnetic Clutch Lock

#10 -


Fuel Injectors



Glossary of SAE and TOYOTA / LEXUS Terms




Air Conditioning

Air Cleaner

Secondary Air Injection

Air Conditioner

Air Cleaner

Air Injection (AI)


Acceleration Pedal




Battery Positive Voltage

Barometric Pressure

+B, Battery Voltage




Charge Air Cooler

Controller Area Network


Controller Area Network






CCV                                                                        CANISTER CLOSED VALVE CFI               Continuous Fuel Injection                       -

CID          Component Identification Data)              Component Identification Data)

CKP          Crankshaft Position                                  Crank Angle CL    Closed Loop       Closed Loop CMP                                    Camshaft Position                Cam Angle CPP                                       Clutch Pedal Position                -

CTOX        Continuous Trap Oxidizer                         -

CTP          Closed Throttle Position                           Idle ON (IDL ON) DFI       Direct Fuel Injection (Diesel)                                            Direct Injection (DI) DI               Distributor Ignition                                  -


DLC 1,



Data Link Connector 1, 2, 3                     1- Check Connector,

2 –Toyota Diagnosis Communication Link (TDCL),

3- OBDII diagnostic Connector


DTC          Diagnostic Trouble Code                          Diagnostic Code

DTM         Diagnostic Test Mode                              - ECL               Engine Control Level                               -

ECM         Engine Control Module                            Engine ECU (Electronic Control Unit)

ECT          Engine Coolant Temperature                   Coolant Temperature, Water Temperature, THW EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EPROM)

Only Memory

EFE          Early Fuel Evaporation                             Cold Mixture heater (CMH).  Heat control Valve (HCV) EGR               Exhaust Gas Recirculation                      Exhaust Gas Recirculation

EI            Electronic Ignition                                   Distributorless Ignition (DI)

EM           Engine Modification                                 Engine Modification (EM)

EPROM     Erasable Programmable Read Only Mem Programmable Read Only Memory (PROM) EVAP               Evaporative Emission                             Evaporative Emission Control

FC            Fan Control                                              -

FEEPROM Flash Electrically Erasable                         - Programmable Read Only Memory

FEPROM  Flash Erasable Programmable Read Only -


FF            Flexible Fuel                                             -

FP            Fuel Pump                                               Fuel Pump

GEN         Generator                                                Alternator

GND         Ground                                                    Ground

HO2S       Heated Oxygen Sensor                            Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) IAC               Idle Air Control                                       Idle Speed Control (ISC)

IAT           Intake Air Temperature                           Intake or Inlet Air Temperature

ICM          Ignition Control Module                           -

IFI           Indirect Fuel Injection                             Indirect Injection

IFS           Inertia FuelShutOff                                   - ISC       Idle Speed Control                                                         -

KS            Knock Sensor                                          Knock Sensor

MAF         Mass Air Flow                                           Air Flow Meter

MAP         Manifold Absolute Pressure                     Manifold Pressure Intake Vacuum

MC           Mixture Control                                        Electric Bleed Air Valve (EBAV), Mixture Control Valve, Electric Air Control Valve (EACV)

MDP         Manifold Differential Pressure                   -

MFI          Multiport Fuel Injection                           Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) MIL               Malfunction Indicator Lamp                    Check Engine Light

MST         Manifold Surface Temperature                  -

MVZ         Manifold Vacuum Zone                             - NVRAM Non-Volatile Random Access Memory                            -

NiMH        Nickel Metal Hydride                                Nickel Metal Hydride

O2S         Oxygen Sensor                                        Oxygen Sensor, O2Sensor (O2S)

OC           Oxidation Catalytic Converter                   Oxidation Catalyst Converter (CCO)

OBD         On-Board Diagnostic                                On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) OIL   -               A/T Fluid Temp. Sensor

OP            Open Loop                                               Open Loop

PAIR         Pulsed Secondary Air Injection                Air Suction (AS) PCM               Powertrain Control Module                        -

PID          Parameter Identifier                                Parameter Identifier

PNP          Park/Neutral Position                                - PROM               Programmable Read Only Memory           -

PSP          Power Steering Pressure                          -

PTOX        Periodic Trap Oxidizer                              Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)



Diesel Particulate Trap (DPT) RAM               Random Access Memory                        Random Access Memory

RM           Relay Module                                            -

ROM         Read Only Memory                                  Read Only Memory

RPM         Engine Speed                                          Engine Speed

SFI           Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection          Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), Sequential Injection

SC            Supercharger                                          Supercharger

SCB          Supercharger Bypass                               -

SFI           Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection          Electronic Fuel Injection, Sequential Injection

SPL          Smoke Puff Limiter                                   - SRI               Service Reminder Indicator                      -

SRT          System Readiness Rest                            -

ST            Scan Tool                                                  -

TB            Throttle Body                                           Throttle Body

TBI           Throttle Body Fuel Injection                    Single Point  Injection, Central Fuel Injection (CI) TC               Turbocharger                                           Turbocharger

TCC          Torque Converter Clutch                        Torque Converter

TCM         Transmission Control Module                  TransmissionECU (Electronic Control Unit) THG               -                                                             EGR Temperature

TID                                                                         Test Identification Data

TP            Throttle Position                                      Throttle Position

TPC          -                                                              Vapor Pressure Sensor

TR            Transmission Range                                 -

TVV          Thermal Vacuum Valve                            Bimetallic Vacuum Switching Valve (BVSX), Thermostatic Vacuum Switching  Valve (TVSV)

TWC         Three-Way Catalytic Converter                Three-Way Catalytic (TWC), CCpo


TWC+OC Three-Way + Oxidation Catalytic




VAF          Volume Air Flow                                       Air Flow Meter

VPS                                                                        vapor pressure sensor

VR            Voltage Regulator                                    Voltage Regulator

VSS          Vehicle Speed Sensor                             Vehicle Speed Sensor (Read Switch Type) VV1, 2

WOT         Wide Open Throttle                                 Full Throttle

WU-OC     Warm Up Oxidation Catalytic Converter   -



Warm Up Three-Way Catalytic Converter Manifold Converter


3GR         Third Gear                                                 -

4GR         Fourth Gear                                              -


Abbreviations Used by Toyota / Lexus


ABS          Anti-Lock Brake System

AC            Alternating Current

ACC          Accessory

ACM          Active Control Engine Mount System 1

ACIS         Acoustic Control Induction System

ACSD        Automatic Cold Start Device

ACV          Air Control Valve (ACIS)

A.D.D.       Automatic Disconnecting Differential

A/F           Air/Fuel Ratio

AHC          Active Height Control Suspension

ALR/ELR) Automatic  Locking   Retractor/Emergency

Locking Retractor

ALT          Alternator AMP       Amplifier ANT   Antenna

APPROX.  Approximately

ASL           Automatic Sound Levelizer

ASV          Air Switching Valve (Actuator)

A/T           Automatic Transmission (Transaxle) ATF  Automatic transmission Fluid

AT-PZEV  Advanced Technology Partial Zero

Emission Vehicle




AUTO        Automatic

AUX          Auxiliary

AVC-LAN Audio Visual Communication – Local Area


AVG          Average

AVS          Adaptive variable Suspension

BA            Brake Assist

BACS        Boost Altitude Compensation System

BAT           Battery

BDC          Bottom Dead Center

BEAMS      Breakthrough     Engine     with     Advanced

Mechanism System

BEAN        Body Electronics Area Network

B/L           Bi-Level


B/S           Bore-Stroke Ratio

BTDC        Before Top Dead Center

BVSV        Bimetallic Vacuum Switching Valve

Calif.         California

CB            Circuit Breaker

C-BEST     Customized Body Electronics System

CCO             Catalytic Converter for Oxidation

CCS          Cruise Control System

CCV          Canister Closed Valve

CD            Compact Disk

Cd            Coefficient of drag




CF             Cornering Force CG            Center of Gravity CH    Channel

CHMSL      Center high-mount stop lamp

CLV             Calculated Load Value CNG            Compressed Natural Gas COMB.         Combination

CPE           Coupe

CPS           Combustion Pressure Sensor

CPU          Central Processing Unit

CRS          Child Restraint System

CTR           Center

C/V           Check Valve

CV            Control Valve

CVN          Software Calibration Verification Number or Calibration Verification Number

CVT           Continuously Variable Transmission

CW           Curb Wight

DAC          Downhill Assist Control

DC            Direct Current

D-CAT       Diesel Clean Advanced Technology DCNI  Data Communication Network Interface DEF  Defogger

DFL           Deflector

DIFF.        Differential

FIPG         Formed in Place Gasket

FL             Fusible Link

F/P            Fuel Pump

FPU           Fuel Pressure Up

Fr             Front

FT             Fuel Trim

F/W          Flywheel

FW/D        Flywheel Damper

FWD         Front-Wheel-Drive

GAS          gasoline

GBS          VIP Glass Breakage Sensor

GND          Ground

GPS          Global Positioning System GVWR     Gross Vehicle Weight Rating HAC        High Altitude Compensator H/B        Hatchback

HAC          Hill Start Assist Control

HCAC 2      Hydrocarbon Adsorber Catalyst system

HI             High

HID           High Intensity Discharge (Head Lamp) HSG            Housing

HSEA        High Solar Energy-Absorbing

HT            Hard Top

HWS         Heated Windshield System

IAC           Idle Air Control



Differential Lock

IC             Integrated Circuit

IDI            Indirect Diesel Injection


D/INJ        Direct Injection

DLI           Distributorless Ignition

DOHC        Double Over Head Cam

DP            Dash Pot

DPNR        Diesel PM and NOx Reduction

DRL          Daytime running lights

DS            Dead Soak

DSP          Digital Signal Processor

DVD          Digital Versatile Disc

EBD          Electronic Brake Force Distribution

ECAM        Engine Control and Measurement System ECB     Electronically Controlled Braking System ECD               Electronic Controlled Diesel

ECDY        Eddy Current Dynamometer

ECU          Electronic Control Unit

ECT-i         Electronically Controlled Transmission with intelligence (5-speed)

ED            Electro-deposited Coating

EDIC         Electric Diesel Injection Control

EDU          Electronic Driving Unit EFI Electronic Fuel Injection E/G   Engine

EGR-VM   EGR Vacuum Modulator

ELR           Emergency Locking Retractor

IFS           Independent Front Suspension

IG             Ignition

IGBT         Semiconductor Switching Device

IIA            Integrated Ignition Assembly

IN             Intake (Manifold, Valve) INT Intermittent

I/P            Instrumental Panel

IRS           Independent Rear Suspension

J/B            Junction Block

J/C            Junction Connector

KD            Kick-Down

LAN          Local Area Network

LATCH       Lower anchors and top tether brackets

LB             Liftback

LCD          Liquid Crystal Display LED    Light Emitting Diode LH          Left-Hand

LHD          Left-Hand Drive

L/H/W       Length, Height, Width

LLC           Long-Life Coolant

LNG          Liquefied Natural Gas

LO            Low

LPG           Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LSD          Limited Slip Differential


ENG          Engine

LSP and


Load Sensing Proportion and Bypass Valve


ESA          Electronic Spark Advance

LSPV         Load Sensing Proportion Valve


ETCS         Electronic Throttle Control System

ETCS-i       Electronic Throttle Control System -



Engine  Oil  replacement  Reminder  Light

(USA only).



ETR           Electronically Tuned Radio

EVP           Evaporator

E-VRV       Electric Vacuum regulating Valve

EXH          Exhaust

FCHV        Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle

FE             Fuel Economy

FF             Front-Engine Front-Wheel-Drive

F/G           Fuel Gauge

MAX.         Maximum

MIC           Microphone

MIL           Malfunction Indicator Lamp

MIN.          Minimum

MP            Multipurpose

MPG          Miles Per Gallon

MPX          Multiplex communication System

MSRP        Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price


2  Prius ‘01




M/T           Manual Transmission

MT            Mount MTG            Mounting N      Neutral

NA            Natural Aspiration

No.           Number

NVS          Night View System

OCV          Oil Control Valve (VVT-i) 3

O/D           Overdrive

OEM          Original Equipment Manufacturing

OHC          Overhead Camshaft

OHV          Overhead valve

OPT           Option

O/S           Oversize

P and BV Proportioning and Bypass Valve

PCS           Power Control System

PCV           Positive Crankcase Ventilation

PDS          Pre-Delivery Service

PKV           Parking Brake

PPS           Progressive Power Steering

PS             Power Steering PSD          Power-Split Device PTO           Power Take-Of

R and D    Research & Development

R and P     Rack and Pinion

R/B           Relay Block

RBS          Reticulating Bal Type Steering

RDS          Radio Broadcast Data System

R/F           Reinforcement

RFS           Rigid Front Suspension

RH            Right-Hand

RHD          Right-Hand Drive

RLY           Relay

ROM          Read Only Memory

Rr             Rear

RR            Rear-Engine Rear Wheel Drive

RSCA        Link System (USA only) RRS         Rigid rear Suspension RWD     Rear-Wheel Drive

SDN          Sedan

SEN          Sensor

SICS         Starting Injection Control System

SOC          State of Charge

SOHC        Single Overhead Camshaft

SPEC         Specification

SPI           Single Point Injection

SRS          Supplemental Restraint System

SSM          Special Service Material

SST           Special Service Tools

STD          Standard

STJ           Cold-Start Fuel Injection

SULEV      Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle

SW           Switch SYS System T/A      Transaxle

TACH        Tachometer

TBI           Throttle Body Electronic Fuel Injection

TC             Turbocharger



3   The  ECM controls the Oil Control Valve to make the intake valve timing properly, and oil pressure controlled  with  OCV  is   supplied   to  the  VVT controller,   and   then   VVT   controller   changes relative  position between the camshaft and the crankshaft.


TCCS         Toyota Computer Controlled System

TCV           Timing Control Valve

TDC          Top Dead Center

TDI           Toyota Direct Ignition

TEMP.        Temperature

TEMS        Toyota Electronic Modulated Suspension

TFS            Toyota Financial Services THS         Toyota Hybrid System THC II  Toyota Hybrid System 2tr TID          Test Identification Data

TIS            Total Information System for Vehicle


T/M           Transmission

TMC          Toyota Motor Corporation

TMMK        Toyota  Motor  Manufacturing   Kentucky, Inc.

TRAC         Traction Control System

TURBO      Turbocharger

UART        Universal Asynchronous Receiver

Transmitter U/D      Underdrive U/S            Undersize

VCV           Vacuum Control Valve

VENT         Ventilator

VGRS        Variable Gear Ratio Steering

VIN           Vehicle Identification Number

VIP            Toyota Vehicle Intrusion Protection

VPS           Variable Power Steering

VSC           Vehicle Skid Control aka Vehicle Stability


VSV           Vacuum Switching Valve

VSVEVAP Canister Purge Solenoid

VVT-i         Variable Valve Timing with intelligence

VVTL-i       Variable     Valve    Timing    and    Lift    with intelligence

VTV           Vacuum Transmitting Valve

w/             With

WGN         Wagon

W/H          Wire Harness w/o    Without

1st            First

2st            Second

2WD         Two Wheel Drive Vehicle (4x2)

4WD         Four Wheel Drive Vehicle (4x4)

3   The  ECM controls the Oil Control Valve to make the intake valve timing properly, and oil pressure controlled  with  OCV  is   supplied   to  the  VVT controller,   and   then   VVT   controller   changes relative  position between the camshaft and the crankshaft.

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